The Aerus Medical Guardian with ActivePure Technology works safely 24 hours a day to protect the rooms where it is installed, even when occupied by large numbers of people.

Aerus has announced that it received Class II Medical Device clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the Aerus Medical Guardian with ActivePure Technology, the first active air purifier for healthcare. 

The Aerus Medical Guardian is a free-standing, portable unit intended for use in professional healthcare environments. It is a 24/7 airborne contaminant reduction solution. The Aerus Medical Guardian with ActivePure Technology works safely 24 hours a day to protect the rooms where it is installed, even when occupied by large numbers of people.

The product cleared by the FDA is intended for medical purposes and is used to reduce Staphylococcus epidermidis and Erwinia herbicola bacteria, MS2 and Phi-X174 viruses, Aspergillus niger fungal spores, and Bacillus globigii bacterial spores from the air in a temperature-controlled professional healthcare environment of 70 to 71 degrees Fahrenheit, 40%-45% RH.

According to the company, the unit is the only FDA-cleared, real-time, active air-purification unit that quickly and powerfully eliminates airborne contaminants. It also disinfects safely without chemicals and without the need to capture the particles.


The Aerus Medical Guardian with ActivePure Technology has an internal fan that draws in air from the room where the unit is located. Air moves into the unit, where negative ions, created from ion brushes, charge incoming contaminants so that the oppositely charged carbon-coated HEPA filter media can be more easily entrained from the passing air. As air exits the filter, it passes through the ActivePure Cell, which contains two ultraviolet bulbs and a proprietary metal-based photocatalyst. This catalyst, when exposed to the energy from the UV bulbs, creates hydroxyl radicals and super ions, which enter ambient air to oxidize, mineralize and convert organic compounds into nonorganic forms. The released particles, known as ActivePure Molecules, fill the entire air space of the room, rapidly seeking and destroying microscopic pathogens, including RNA viruses, DNA viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi, whereas passive technology, also known as capture, air purifiers require pathogens to pass through the device. 

Air purification systems with ActivePure Technology are currently also used in international health systems, including in United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Thailand.


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NASA-designed air purifier technology helps you breathe easier

 With harsh winters and humid summers, Canadians spend approximately 90 per cent of their time indoors, according to statistics.

“A lot of people don’t realize this, but the air inside your home or office could be up to 500 per cent more polluted than it is outdoors depending on where you live, if your residence or office building is new or old and if you smoke or not, among many other factors,” said Roberto Brunetti, the owner of multiple Aerus franchises in the city.

“And the air is worse when all the windows and doors are closed during the colder months, because you have less circulation.”

With fall fast approaching and the global pandemic continuing to be a major health concern, Brunetti has noticed a marked increase in the demand for the brand’s air purifiers that contain a unique, dual filtration system with both HEPA and ActivePure technology.

In a 300-person survey conducted by Aerus, 77 per cent of people said they would prefer to visit a place with ActivePure technology than one without.

“Businesses with employees returning to the office have been concerned about the air quality, and there has been significant demand for Aerus air purifiers to be installed in private medical and dental offices, accounting firms, and private schools,” said Brunetti. “Many residential homes have also followed suit.”

A local, family-run business with its headquarters on Victoria Avenue in Westmount, Aerus has been in Brunetti’s family since 1982. Aerus was originally established under the well-known moniker Electrolux, which has been in existence since 1924.

Aerus has been honoured at the Smithsonian and is one of few technology companies that has been inducted into the International Space Hall of Fame.

“ActivePure technology was originally developed by NASA to solve the problem of built-up ethylene gas produced by plants in the enclosed environment of a spacecraft,” Brunetti explained.

“What the ActivePure cell does is it takes the hydrogen and the oxygen that are in the air and passes through a UVC light that sits in a honeycomb matrix. Once the hydrogen and oxygen hit the matrix, it oxides the particles and creates hydroxyls. The fan then blows out the hydroxyls, which is what reduces RNA and DNA viruses, both airborne and surface.”

As for the HEPA filter, it works to eliminate all of the other indoor air pollutants, like smoke, dust, pet dander, mould, mildew, ragweed and pollen. “Our HEPA filter purifies down to 0.1 microns; a strand of human hair measures 50 microns,” Brunetti said.

“You can actually feel the difference, the air is lighter and crisper. The only thing I can compare it to is when there’s a big thunderstorm and you go outside right afterwards and the air feels really fresh. It’s like that inside the house all day.”

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Air filtration unit features technology developed for the International Space Station

Designed to provide indoor spaces with clean air and surfaces, the Beyond Guardian Air from PureAir Living uses technology originally designed by NASA researchers for use on the International Space Station.

The unit’s ActivePure Technology works in conjunction with a filter that surpasses HEPA quality standards, ion generation, and photocatalytic oxidation technology to reportedly kill or neutralize bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi in the air and on surfaces as well as capturing 99.97% of particles as small as 0.1 micron. The portable unit works quietly and operates continuously to provide more than 4 air changes per hour in 350 square foot sized spaces and 1 air change per hour in 2,000 square foot spaces.

The Beyond Guardian Air system is designed to help keep indoor air clean and safe thanks to technology originally developed by NASA researchers.

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